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Risk Management

Information Security, Cyber Security and Emerging Threats Challenges:

The rapid increase in the trends on global information security, cyber security and frameworks, regulatory, and standards, compliance present major challenges for every use in the world to assimilate, filter, examine, analyze and digest relevant, critical and vital information for daily use and require continuous proactive counter measures.

Risk Management for All Security, Cyber Security, Global Standards and Regulations

Emerging and Latest Threats on security and Cyber Security, Risk Management, Governance, Best Practices and Proactive Intelligence for all global standards, regulations and frameworks systems and all employees - All Public, Private, Federal, State, Local and Academic and Industry

All Security: All IT, Enterprise, Infrastructure, Cyber Security, etc.

Critical Information and Cyber Security: All Information Security, Enterprise, Infrastructure, Architecture, Application, Web, Data Cloud, Big Data, Private-Public, Cyber Security, etc.

All Data Sets, IT, Financial, Banks, Health Datasets. Electronic Medical Records, Decision Sciences and Data Protection and Privacy, Business, Financial, Insurance, Legal, Engineering, Public Policy, Global Population, Economics, Government, Academic and Industry, Public and Private Sectors

Risk Management for All Security, Cyber Security,

Global Standards and Regulations

Global Information Intelligence LLC provides an intelligent, effective, and proactive Risk Management, Services, Risk Intelligence and Regulatory Compliance including data privacy, protection and use.

The Risk Management for Security and Regulatory Compliance will improve maturity in effectiveness and efficiency and proactive posture in the following services:

Benefits and Value

Global Information Intelligence LLC provides proactive, effective, efficient and cost-effective Benefits and Value for the Regulatory Compliance including the following:

  • Intelligent and Effective and Efficient Risk Management
  • Effective and Efficient Risk Metrics and Risk Remediation
  • Effective and Efficient Threat Metrics and Risk Remediation
  • All Global Risk Management, Multi-Compliance and Cyber Security
  • Achieve Compliance for all Global Regulations, Standards and Frameworks
  • Information Security and Cyber security for Infrastructure
  • Security of Critical Systems, Data, Applications, Databases, Web, Websites, etc.
  • Service delivery: desktop support, technology support center, etc.
  • Network, systems: enterprise hardware and software system support, etc.
  • Cyber Security and process and improvement, etc.
  • Cloud, Big Data, Emerging Threats Security
  • Operational Security, Data Protection, Proactive Incident Response, etc.
  • Threat Intelligence and Proactive Sustainable Security for Emerging Security Threats, etc.

Risk Management, Governance for All Global Standards, Regulations, Frameworks, Compliance, Information Security, Governance, Risk Compliance (GRC), Cyber Security, Dynamic Data Security and Threats Intelligence, and Proactive Remediation

    • Intelligent and Effective and Efficient Risk Management
    • Effective and Efficient Risk Metrics and Risk Remediation
    • Effective and Efficient Threat Metrics and Risk Remediation
    • All Sensitive and Regulated Data for all Critical Systems
    • User and Entity Behavior Analytics
    • Intelligent Data Mining and eGRC for Cloud Computing:
    • Cloud Computing and Big Data Traceable and Effective GRC
    • Analysis and Continuous Monitoring of Risks and Impact on Consumers Data Breach
    • Cloud Computing and Data Centers Security and Controls
    • Cloud Computing SAAS, IAAS, PAAS, etc.
    • Public- Private Clouds and Big Data Security
    • Risk Mitigation of Data Breach Traffic
    • Deterrence, Prevention Detection and Remediation for Breach Data and
    • Risks Analysis, Metrics and Mitigation
    • Risks and Fraud development
    • Data Breach Reporting Services
    • Impact on Customers
    • Classes Modifications and Additions
    • Support – Administrators, DBA, Developers
    • Security and Access Controls, Authorizations, Authentications
    • Logging, Monitoring, and Analysis for Security and Regulatory Compliance
    • Standards and Regulations for US, EU and Global
    • Intelligence Data Mining and Cloud Computing GRC

Unique Global Information Intelligence Professional Services

Traceable and Effective Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Cloud Computing and Big Data, Cyber Security Smart Grid Cyber Security, Virtualization, All IT, Security Incident Event Management (SIEM), MDM, SOA, etc.

Phases - Implementations:

Summary of Key and Unique Deliverables of Global Information Intelligence

1. Traceable and Effective GRC

Controls – Policies, Standards, Process and Procedures, Risk Controls Matrices (RCM), Testing, Remediation and Effective Operating Controls and Proactive Security

2. Automation of GRC – Executive Reports –Summary Feeds of Dynamic

Changes in Systems and Cloud Computing and Big Security: Threats, Security Posture, Vulnerability Management- Proactive Risk Mitigation

3. Intelligent Data Mining- Big Data Management: Intelligent Data Mining: Filtering, Correlation SIEM and Log Management in Real-time – Incident Response and Forensics

  • Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Smart Grid and Client Services:
  • Over 500 Global Regulations, Standards & Frameworks. US, European, Asia Pacific, etc. including
  • NIST 800 Series, ISO 27001-270058: PCI, HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST, SOX, ITIL, SAS70, SSAE16, SSAE 18, etc. Type II, SOC1, SOC 2, SOC3 , GLBA, Data Protection and Privacy, etc.
  • Over 500 Global Standards, Regulations and Laws and Frameworks: Energy, Smart Grid, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Financial, Banking, IT, etc.: Development and Implementation of Policies, Standards, Processes and Procedures: Banking and Finance, Mortgage Industry, IT, Enterprise, and Global Regulatory, Standards, Frameworks: COBIT, COSO, ITIL, ISO, IEC, IEEE, ISO 17799, ISO 27001-08, CMMI, NIST, etc.
  • Regulations: GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, Privacy, FDA-CFR-21-11, SSAE16 and SSAE18, SOC2, SOC 3, etc.
  • Standards: NIST 800 Series, ISO 27001/2, NIST Cyber Security Framework: 2013, 2018, FEDRAMP, etc.
  • Best Practice – ISO, NIST, IATF, IEEE, IEC, ISO, JTC, DLP, Data Privacy, Security, Applications, Databases, Cloud, Big Data, etc.
  • Effective Security and Controls – Design, Implementation, Maintenance and Documentation of Effective Operating Controls - Global: ISO 27001-058, NIST 800 Series, SOX, HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST, ITIL, COBIT, etc.: Security, Compliance and Maintenance and Effective Proactive Security Operations
  • Developed and implemented over 500 Global Standards, Regulations and Laws and Frameworks: Energy, Smart Grid, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Financial, Banking, IT, etc. Dr. Hooper documented and Multi-Mapped Managed, Designed and Implemented over 500 Global Standards, Regulations: Financial. Business, IT, Health, etc.:
  • Development of Effective and Traceable Governance, Risk and Compliance Controls
  • Information Security, Cyber Security Smart Grid, Cloud Computing, Big Data
  • Analysis and Grouping of Threat/Risks Categories, Subcategories and Types
  • Development of Multiple Levels of Online Controls Assessments for Security, Traceable Governance, Risk and Compliance controls
  • Visibility of GRC Posture- Changes and Threats
  • Continuous Monitoring of Big-Data and Cloud Computing Breach Traffic
  • Data Feed of Intelligence Feature Attributes for Vulnerability Management, Threats, Exposure and Dynamic Risk Containment
  • Analysis of Global Emerging Standards and Controls, Risks and Impact on Consumers
  • Forensics, Intelligence Data Mining
  • Dynamic Incident Response-Mitigation
  • Analysis of Global Emerging Standards and Controls,Risks and Impact on Consumers
  • Forensics: Online and Offline
  • Intelligence Mining Algorithms Analysis

Global Organizations, Federal Government, States, Counties, Cities, Local, Industry, Public-Private Sectors

Founding Director, Consortium for Strategic Emerging Technologies-Harvard

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